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Join me, let's explore the world of the chilli together!

About Me

I'm Gerald Zhang-Schmidt, writer of the blog ChiliCult, and more.

For the last 20+ years, I have grown chilli, used chilli, and researched its cultural-culinary meanings. I have found a fascinating world of strong aromas that connect us, and that can make life better.

Why You Should Join Me

As much as is being written about the chilli online, many aspects of it never get explored.

What are the chilli varieties of China (one of the world's biggest producers and consumers of chilli!)? What is the difference between the different products from Laoganma - and why are they oils, not sauces?

What about traditional varieties from Europe? Festivals celebrating them?

There is a world, hidden behind the surface pungency, waiting for us to explore it - and here we'll do that, together!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your interest! Together, we can deepen our - and the world's - knowledge of the chilli as it really is, where it is and how.

We'll learn about strong aromas, and better our lives!

A Note re Payments

Below, you'll find the only membership plan currently on offer, as I can offer it directly through Mighty Networks.

If you would prefer to pay via Paypal (or another way), contact me at [email protected] and I'm sure we can arrange something.

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